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Hoosier Warriors Gym

Welcome to Hoosier Warriors Gym

Welcome to Hoosier Warriors Gym

Welcome to Hoosier Warriors GymWelcome to Hoosier Warriors Gym

About Us

Our Story


The owners Christel and Michael Boe are both Military Veterans. They created this program because their own children were interested in learning how to do "stunts", but did not want to do gymnastics. 

Two Military Veterans, one currently a Gymnastics Coach and the other a Fireman, came up with the concept of Hoosier Warriors Gym.  As parents to three active boys (Logan 17, Landon 15 and Lucas 11) they wanted a fun, fitness driven way to burn calories and energy for their sons. The inspiration from the energy and interest of their own children, paired with their backgrounds led to this program being created! Each of the sons attends one or more of the classes and they love it! The two oldest are certified Junior Instructors after countless hours of observing, assisting and their personal training in the skills taught.

Knowledgeable Training Expertise


Senior Instructor Christel has a Bachelor Degree from Indiana University in General Studies with a Concentration in Humanities and Youth Fitness. She is a former competitive gymnast and has taught Recreational and Competitive Gymnastics programs for over 20 years across the United States. Christel is certified by USA Gymnastics as an Instructor. She is also a World Freerunnning Parkour Federation (WFPF) Parkour Coaching Ambassador.   

Both Christel and Michael are  Certified by USA Wrestling Association as a Copper Level Wrestling Coaches and certified in Safety & Risk Management as well as Safe Sport Practices. 

Mike is a Fireman with Emergency Medical Care Certifications. He does not actively teach classes at this time, as he spends most of his time helping with the business planning and development. Mike is often seen running events and observing from a distance, keeping safety and satisfaction in our facility and program as his focus. 

Fun Through Fitness


Hoosier Warriors Gym is fitness based classes using tumbling, navigation of obstacles, parkour, freerunning and calisthenics to build strength and confidence in our Warriors in a fun, fast paced environment. We begin with plenty of stretching/flexibility work followed by several circuits/courses during the class that are a total body workout. The courses change every week, the skills vary and build on each other every month. It is important that each week the Warriors are challenged and intrigued to return the following week. You and your Warrior will be impressed at what they are capable of, but probably never tried!  

After over two years of success with teaching Hoosier Warriors Gym type classes in multiple venues, inside and outside, the need for a consistent program became evident.  The program is in its 3rd year and continues to grow each month. We continue to work with a waiting list for many classes, but generally get through it quickly as we add classes  instructors.customers a reason to do business with you.