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Welcome to Hoosier Warriors Gym - Avon, IN


Offering youth fitness classes using tumbling, obstacles, and parkour in a fast, fun environment for a total body workout!


Welcome to Hoosier Warriors Gym 

Re-opening June 1st with Summer Session 1! 

(as long as the Re-open Indiana plan continues as scheduled)

NEXT SESSION: Summer Session 1 June 1st - June 28th

*We will not offer open gym at until at least July 4th.

*We will have Kids Night Out and special "Family of Warriors" hours available in June.

Summer sessions: NO daytime classes or Saturday classes! 

We are working on a modified daytime Open Gym schedule.



July 4th - August 7th


June 1st - June  28th

*No Open Gym during the month of June

* Gym closed June 6th and June 13th

June 6th we celebrate Elite Warrior Logan Boe graduating and leaving for the Army June 22nd. 

* June 13th Miss Emma is having her Graduation Open House and acceptance into UC San Diego for the fall! Details by email if requested.


June 29th - July 26th

* No  classes, Open Gym  or parties July 4th or July 5th


July 27th - August 23rd

Special Events listed on our Facebook page! 


Registration Information


What is included in the tuition and how to register:

REGISTRATION: DONE BY EMAIL! Parents are able to select the time frame that works best for them based on the age and ability of their future Warrior. Email the program to determine if there is a spot available. No spots are guaranteed for new Warriors until the registration form is received by email (or in person during limited hours) and tuition is paid. Once the spot is secured, they maintain that spot from session to session unless the parents notify us by email that the Warrior will not be returning or needs to change time slots. Please email us at info@hoosierwarriorsgym.com


TRIAL CLASS: We do not offer “trial classes” for several reasons. There is an ongoing waiting list for several classes. We cannot refuse current or future Warriors waiting to get into a full class for someone that wants to try it out one week. Also, some weeks your future Warrior may be tired, they are intimidated by the new class, new faces, our routine, or the intense but fun workout. Maybe we have an off week as a whole! After over 20 years of coaching experience and 18 years of raising boys, one thing is certain; one day just is not a good gauge on your future Warrior‘s ability. Your only financial commitment is one session and the registration fee ($100 at most). If after the session you determine the program is not a good fit, no problem. Thank you for your time and consideration!


WAIT LIST: A waiting list has been created for all classes that are currently full. Parents must provide the future Warrior‘s name and a good email address to be placed on the waiting list. Parents will be notified right away of any openings and given 72 hours to return the registration form and pay tuition. If that is not done in the 72 hours, your future Warrior will move to the bottom of the waiting list. Two attempts will be made to register your future Warrior before removing them from the list.


MOVING CLASSES: Returning Warriors have priority registration for any classes including moving to a new time slot. All new Warriors will be accepted into the program once returning Warriors have secured the day and time that works best for them from session to session. This is one of the easiest ways to reward you for your loyalty to our program! Thank you!


MISSED CLASSES: If your Warrior misses class they can attend a make-up class on a different day of the same skill/age level. If the alternate class time frame does not work, they may attend a single Open Gym at no cost. If you know they will miss classes prior to the session beginning, the tuition can be pro-rated ONLY if your Warrior has already attended one full session or there is not a wait list for that class. Late registration can be pro-rated after week two of the session.


TUITION: The tuition rate for classes is as follows;

$75 – A session which includes one time slot for the entire session, consisting of 4 classes.

$25 – Fee for ANNUAL registration for the first full session of classes. The fee is recurring every calendar year from initial registration.  This fee is non transferrable and non refundable. 



$50 - Optional second time slot in the same session (1 Warrior taking two classes a week)

$25 - Open Gym Pass (admission into any Warriors Open Gym for the entire session)

$10 - Open Gym Single Admission (admission for a single visit, open to non members)


SQUARE UP: Tuition payment should be made online every session through the “Square Up” link that will be sent by the 15th, all invoices will be due on the 1st. You can also pay in person with a check. 

Pro-rated tuition is based on percentage. One missed class is a 25% deduction, two weeks 50%, etc. AGAIN, pro-rated tuition is only an option if the class does not have a waiting list or the session has already started. The registration fee is not pro-rated or refunded. Optional items can be added to your invoice upon request. ALL accounts will receive an online invoice for our records and yours. 

Siblings receive a 10% discount for 2nd registration, 20% discount for 3rd registration and 25% for 4th or subsequent registrations.  

frequently asked questions



Q: What should my child wear? 

A: Your child should wear comfortable clothes (athletic shorts and a t shirt is perfect); tumblers should wear leotards or sports bra/tank tops with tighter fitting pants for safety in spotting.

Q: Do they wear shoes or special socks?

A: No, all warrior and tumbling classes are done barefoot for safety. 

Parkour classes do wear clean athletic shoes to do their tricks off the boxes. Shoes must be clean! 

Q: What do I need to bring?

A: A water bottle is always needed at the gym! They are doing a full body workout. 

Q: Can I bring the registration form to the gym?

A: All of our registration process is done online so the form must be emailed to us. 

Q: Do you offer Military discounts?

A: While we thank you for your service, we do not offer military discounts.



Registration form and other documents



Party Reservation Form - Dec 2019 (pdf)


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